“Forward”: one (not) fairy tale story

What are teenagers dream of on the eve of birthday? About the first (second, third) love. About gadgets. About the authority in the eyes of peers. 16-year-old Ian dreams of meeting with his father, whom he never knew. And although Ian is an elf, in his magical world it is almost as unprotible as in our. However, on his birthday, Ian receives an unusual gift ..

“Once upon a time, the world was full of miracles. These were the times of feats, adventures, and most importantly – magic “. But then something went wrong. Not overnight, not suddenly, but as it happens in such stories: soon the fairy tale affects, but soon it is not a matter.

Little by little to the inhabitants of the magical world, it began to seem that it is somehow too difficult to learn to conjure. It is much easier to invent a wheel, electricity, an internal combustion engine and what else is needed for a comfortable life. In a word, fairy -tale creatures exchanged magic to achieve technological progress. Forgot how to conjure.

Here the reader will most likely think that “forward” is a cartoon about what can help us believe in miracles again. In a sense, it is. But there are too many such stories. Much less adequate and successful attempts to talk with the young audience about the important thing: about illness and death, about the loss of loved ones and faith in themselves.

Ian Laitfut, an attached teenager, who more likely, has at least a day to spend at least a day

Fără îndoială, fiecare dintre voi ar putea beneficia de conversația direct despre sex. Nu fi timid, încearcă să începi cu cea mai ușoară frază precum „Îmi place când”. Pentru a evidenția ceea ce îți oferă cu adevărat plăcere. După, mergeți la „Aș dori să încerc”. Tot ceea ce pastile pentru potenta vă va ajuta pe amândoi.

with his father, who died before his birth,. Share his innermost, blow in, play the ball, or what else is supposed to do to his father with his son. Find a soul mate in dad.

However, sometimes it can be found in someone else. In who was there all the time. And this simple, quite in the spirit of Disney and Pixar, meaning, as well as convincing and multifaceted characters and witty dialogues is enough to return magic to our life. After all, there is so little it in the world now.

Martin Kelly
Martin Kelly

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